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Self Belief

I found the sessions to be very invaluable and enlightening. I would personally categorize Azman as one of the few ‘special’ individuals that have deeply helped refined my professional character and stewardship. I could not have been more grateful to Azman, whom I think played his role immensely well throughout the journey. I know I’m a better person through these coaching session ever since, Insyallah. He made be believe. Believe in divinity, believe in myself and believe that pursuing good triumphs amid any challenges and that I mustn’t lose hope or be derailed in pursuing this cause.

Chief Strategy Officer - National Transportation Co

Understanding Myself

I found Azman’s coaching to be useful and it helped me to better understand myself, and clarify the objectives in order to think about actions to take. He helped to raise my awareness in areas that I may have not thought about and sometimes to help me affirm my thoughts.

Human Capital Director, National Sovereign Investment Fund.

Self - Realization

Azman was with me throughout our coaching session. This reinforced the trust I had in him in deliberating my next steps. He listened empathically without any judgment and biases. He took the time to understand my pain points, probed and clarified my thoughts and together we laid out a plan of actions.

Strategic Talent Consultant

He Prodded and Challenged me

I found Azman’s coaching to be useful from the perspective of looking into the mirror and seeing my professional self and what is required for improvements. Improvements that are needed to move to the next level. In each session I was prodded, challenged, pushed to work to a resolution to a particular challenge or problem and ultimately commit to implementing a solution in a timeline. It typically left me drained but fulfilled. It’s like talking to my personal Jimny Cricket but with more drive and targets.

Director Investments, National Pension Trust Fund

Comforting and Supportive

Azman’s strength is in his ability to relate on a personal level with me, as his client, from the start, hence I find it easy to share any concerns. His genuine interest to support and motivate shines through in every interaction. This provides a sense of comfort and in a way, boost in confidence which was required. I found his coaching sessions to be enlightening. Conversations centred on identifying and addressing issues, through increased self- awareness and ‘cutting through the noise’.

Director Investments, National Sovereign Investment Fund

His Approach Reinforced Trust

Azman’s coaching approach gives me perspective. He asked me questions that made me pause and think of being in the other person’s shoes. This eventually led me to understand that to get the outcome that I want or to have better control of the outcome, it would have to come from me and my reaction. I also had a self- realisation that I cannot expect / it is difficult for others to understand my perspective based on how I had been reacting all along.

Senior Executive 

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